2nd International Summer School: Introduction to CFD for Energy Applications

School description

The summer school provides all the basics of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for energy applications analysis. This need arises from the ever-increasing central role that CFD has reached in the R&D offices worldwide, being very often used in a synergy with experimental and theoretical approaches.

The lectures will describe and discuss various aspects related to CFD: the generation of the computational mesh (generation methods, quality criteria and main open-source software), physical modeling (turbulence models, multiphase models) and numerical methods (finite volume method, segregated/coupled methods, steady and unsteady problems).

The course will also deal with frontier topics, such as the uncertainty quantification and shape optimization based on genetic and adjoint methods.

During the summer school a Workshop will be organized, where R&D offices of some companies operating in the energy field will bring their experience in the use of CFD software during the design.

The Summer School is sponsored by the University of Brescia and promoted by the "Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering" (DRIMI) PhD course of the University of Brescia.

It is aimed at Academia (graduate and PhD students) and industry


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